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Why do most mental health problems arise during adolescence? And how is this related to brain development?

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The Games

What do we research?

We are interested how our brains develop during adolescence and throughout our lifetimes. We want to understand why most mental health problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), emerge during adolescence. By playing the games on our app, you will help us to understand how different brain mechanisms influence how we think and feel. This will allow us to better understand how brain processes are linked to mental health problems and may help to find new treatments.

How do we analyse your data?

This is a ‘citizen science’ project. This means that everyone can take part and contribute valuable information for our research. We will use statistics, computer models and machine learning to analyse the information from the app and to investigate the brain mechanisms underlying our behaviours. This will allow us to find new and important associations between the brain and mental health.

Who can take part?

Everyone aged 9 years or older is invited to take part! The games are fun for all ages and everyone who plays will help us to understand how the brain works! If you are below 16, then we will ask your parents or guardians to let us know that they are happy for you to play our games.

What will happen with your data?

Privacy is very important to us. Please rest assured that all your data is completely anonymised – which means we do not know who you are and we cannot find out. We will only use your data for research purposes here at University College London. We will not use your data for any commercial purposes. We are only collecting the data you are willing to share with us.
We are not collecting any passive data (such as GPS location or what you do on other apps). You can always opt out from data collection and/or request to delete your data.
However, you will then no longer be able to help us with our research. For all details, please see the Privacy Notice below.

Privacy Notice

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The Researchers

Developmental Computational Psychiatry Lab

The Developmental Computational Psychiatry lab is based at University College London (UCL). The lab aims to understand why so many psychiatric disorders arise during adolescence, and how this is related to problems with brain development. We combine brain imaging techniques and mathematical models to understand how the brain develops and how it goes awry and lead to mental health problems. The app was developed by Dr Vasilisa Skvortsova and Dr Tobias Hauser.

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The Developers


The Brain Explorer app was programmed by THKP, LLC. THKP is a small engineering shop specializing in building mobile and web apps. It comprises Jon Bedard and Matt Keller.

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